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Happy New Year! La'shana Tovah

September 23, 2017

Happy New Year Everyone. I would like to share this prayer with you that we can all come into agreement for a blessed and prosperous new year:

Hashana – this year – Father, may You be feared, reverenced, and highly respected by us. May

Messiah Yeshua be high and lifted up and greatly exalted by us this year.

This year, may the Spirit of the Father and the Son be honored by us. May the Word of God be obeyed this year. This year, may the good news be proclaimed with power and boldness.

Hashana – this year – help us to see You more clearly, love You more dearly, and follow You more nearly. Help us renew our love for You. If we have lost our first love, may we regain it this year.

This year, may we be more committed to be Messiah’s disciples. May the Spirit be pleased with us, not grieved by us, this year. This year, may the Spirit continually fill us so that we are close to Him and stay close to Him.

May the Spirit constantly produce His fruits in us. May we be full of love, joy, peace, patience,

kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control this year.

This year, may we be a living sacrifice, fully devoted to You. Help us live for You – and not for

ourselves nor for the world – this year.

This year, may we fear God the way we should – and not fear man. Bless us with the courage to boldly speak the truth – as we should – this year.

This year, help us become more like Yeshua: help us walk as He walked and live as He lived. May we become more engaged in Messiah’s ongoing mission of world evangelism, teaching, and good deeds this year. This year, may You send more laborers into the fields to work on the harvest.

May Christians everywhere understand Your plan for Israel and become passionate about praying for the peace of Jerusalem this year. This year, may Christians everywhere stand with Israel and the

Jewish people and bring the Good News to us first – according to Your Word.

Help us not to be anxious for anything but to trust You to meet our needs this year. This year, help us to seek first Your kingdom and Your righteousness and to have faith that everything we need will be given to us.

May Messiah’s Community be purified, unified and strengthened this year. This year, may our love for each other become stronger so that the world knows we are Messiah’s followers. May Your people be faithful and obedient to You and Your Word this year.

This year, where Messiah’s Community has deserted sound teaching, bring us back to the truth of Your Word. May our families be strengthened, may our marriages remain intact, and may our children be blessed this year.

This year, bless us. Empower us. Strengthen us. Protect us. Transform us. Renew us. Purify us.

Sanctify us. Grant us success. Help us resist temptation. Deliver us from evil. Give us victory over Satan and the demons and over sin and the sin nature this year.

Help us live consistently righteous lives this year. This year free us from anger, hatred, bitterness and abusive speech. Give us victory over lust and all sexual immorality this year.

This year, keep us close to You. If we stray, bring us back in perfect repentance to You. May those who are lukewarm and think they can continue in their sins because You will forgive them turn from their sins and become zealous for You this year. This year, bring revival to Your people.

Help us turn from the deeds of darkness and live according to the light this year. This year, help us ensure that what we think is light inside us is not darkness. Keep us from self-deceit. If You discipline us, may we endure the discipline with grace and patience this year.

This year, fill us with peace and joy not dependent on our circumstances. May our faith be

strengthened this year.

This year, may we grow in wisdom, understanding, judgment, and discernment. Help us be good managers of our time, talents, and resources this year.

This year, help us practice our spiritual disciplines. May we learn how to pray without ceasing so that we have a running conversation with You from the time we wake until the time we sleep. Teach us to meditate on Your Word, be active members and servants of Messiah’s Community, and proclaim the Good News to those outside the Community of Salvation.

Enable us to be thankful for the many blessings we have and to not complain about the things we don’t have this year.

This year, help us be poor in spirit; hunger and thirst for righteousness; be gentle so we will inherit the Earth; be merciful so we will be shown mercy; be pure in heart so we will see You; be peacemakers; and endure persecution for the sake of righteousness so that ours will be the kingdom of Heaven.

May persecuted Christians and Messianic Jews throughout the world be encouraged and supported this year.

This year, may we better understand the greatness of Your power that is available for us. May we

comprehend and appreciate the love that You have for us this year. This year, may we be strengthened in our inner person. May we receive encouragement from Your Word this year.

This year, may we be transformed as our minds are constantly being renewed. May we know Your will and submit to it. May Your will become our will this year. This year, help us be spiritually alert.

Hashana – this year – may Your will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven. Forgive our nation from turning from You and Your righteous ways. Help us to return to You and Your ways this year.

This year, bring repentance to our nation and the other nations of the world. May many of our nation – and of the other nations – turn to You this year.

This year, may the younger generation, which is far from You and has little concept of godly values and morality, turn to You and Your ways. May the sin of abortion come to an end, may the pro-life cause be strengthened, and may the children in the womb be protected this year.

This year may the Gospel be proclaimed and welcomed by many. Enable our nation to maintain its liberty this year.

This year, prevent us from engaging in unjust wars. Give us good leaders who respect You and Your wise principles this year.

This year, bless us with peace, racial harmony, and justice – especially for the poor, the weak and the helpless.

If our nation is disciplined for our many sins, may we endure the discipline with grace and patience this year.

This year, may the relationship of the United States with Israel remain strong; for we know that the one who blesses Israel will be blessed and the one who curses Israel will be cursed.

Hashana – this year – may Israel’s leaders and people turn to You. Remove the veil from the eyes of the Jewish people so we can recognize Yeshua. May the nation of Israel turn from its wicked ways this year.

This year, may Messiah’s Community in Israel grow in numbers and in love and unity, and be blessed with grace and peace. Protect Israel and the Jewish people from the evil plots of our enemies. May their wicked schemes be thwarted this year.

This year, enable all those who live in Jerusalem, the city of peace, to find the wholeness,

completeness and peace that only the Prince of Peace can provide.


You are our God, and we are Your people. You are our Father, and we are Your children.

You are our Master, and we are Your servants. You are our Shepherd, and we are Your flock.

You are our Head, and we are Your body. You are our Vine, and we are Your branches.

You are our Creator, and we are Your creatures. You are our Potter, and we are Your clay.

You are our King, and we are Your subjects. You are our Groom, and we are Your bride.

We are weak, and You are our Strength. We are defenseless, and You are our Fortress.

We are oppressed, and You are our Deliverer. We are wounded, and You are our Healer.

We are hungry, and You are the Bread of Life. We are thirsty, and You are Living Water.

We are weary, and You are our Sabbath Rest. We are evil, and You are our Righteousness.

We are foolish, and You are our Wisdom. We were in darkness, and You are our Light.

We were lost, but You are the Way. We were deceived, but You are the Truth.

We were dead, but You are the Life. We were in bondage, but You are our Redemption.

We are nothing, and You are our all in all. We are Your worshipers, and You are our God! 

Adapted from Messianic Bible 

My Eternal Contribution to the Kingdom Community...

Are you having a HOPE-Filled day? Are you living authentically out of the purpose for which you were designed? Are you really fulfilled in the purpose for which you have chosen to live? 

I remember when I came to the revelation that I didn't enjoy getting up in the morning and that my days were rarely filled with HOPE. After going through my deconversion experience (we will talk more about that in a later post), I had to come to a place of truth in my own life and admit that I was not living out my purpose as the Father had intended for me. This was very difficult for me since I had already been living a life in Kingdom (as I knew it) for many years and had served in every capacity that existed except Deacon and Trustee in the church body. However, this was a key moment in time and it has changed my life forever. 

As a result of that face to face encounter with my Abba, I have sought to make sure I spend time in prayerful surrender before Him reading His Word and listening for specific instructions. And from that day to this one I have experienced a profoundly exciting and gratifying life full of supernatural and supranatural events that I will share in this blog.

The instructions I received at that time were:

•Return to the faith that was once and for all delivered. 

•Seek out the ancient paths of Messiah and live according to those. 

•Follow My original instructions!

•Maintain the faith that once and for all was delivered. 

•Preserve it and keep it in its original form. 

•Defend it against attack from those who desired to and have perverted it.

•Maintain a conflict for the faith. 

•Support the elements of the faith that cause a clash between two opposing forces. For example, the opposite of truth is relativism, not lies. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate.

As it relates to my purpose, I had to come into alignment with what Abba had chosen for me rather than what I had chosen for myself. I had created a "ME" in my own image even though He had the image of me in mind when He said, "I know the thoughts I think toward you..." in Jeremiah 29:11. He already knew the ME He was creating before the foundation of the earth were ever established! 

George Rubart, in one of his novels penned this: "The most potent attack of the enemy will always come against our identity. He does not want us to know who we are. He does not want us to know our talent, out true heart's desire, our destiny, our purpose, our path. For if we know these things and live out of them with passion, we become extremely dangerous to him. If we live in our true, free, Spirit-infused identity, he will do everything possible to thwart our realization of that knowledge. Once we discover our glory, our gifting, our calling, the evil one will seek to cloud it like a dark fog, to taint it, spin it, twist it to such a degree that we forget who we are and become only a shadow of what the Lord has made us to be."

When I came into alignment with the ME that He had created and committed to live authentically out of that image, my purpose ran me down and overtook me. Hope overwhelmed me. No matter what had happened in the past - my past, my present was bright, my future even brighter and I had the best life assurance plan on the planet! 

So who am I?

I am an ambassador in the kingdom of Elohim, I have two functions - Advocacy and Activism.

I am an advocate, spiritual counsel, defending the faith pleading on behalf of life in the fullest measure for every citizen in the kingdom of Elohim anywhere in the earth realm.

I am an active promoter of spiritual, physical, and mental experiences and best practices that constitute and contribute to a person's personal existence to the fullest extent possible including maximum capacity, greatest quantity, highest realms or spheres, and most superior quality. 

I am pleading in the half of the life and peace that Jesus came to give us. As an activist, everywhere my attention is directed by the Holy Spirit, it is there that I am moved with compassion to do something about it. Believe me, I am anointed to do this!

The way in which I employ advocacy is through exhortation, counsel, and guidance. Kingdom citizens really do connect with me, come under my authority, have discipline, become accountable, learn to establish patterns and profitable practices, and regimens that they eventually employ on their own. It usually happens the "Campus Crusade for Christ" way: I do it and you watch. You and I do it together. You do it and I watch. You do it! 

The way I express activism is by preaching, teaching, laying on of hands, and serving. Somewhere along the way I learned that I had a pride issue. However, as I have decreased in myself more and more and become humble, the Holy Spirit has become so big in me that when I come into the presence of others He permeates the environment and takes over completely. People are not able to resist the power of the presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit who brings the manifestation of healing, deliverance, and resources to all those who are in need.