"There is no mystery or gimmick to living a life worth living but you will need a planned path!!!"

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The fact that you made it to this site may be a miracle . I wouldn't be surprised if your life, like mine, has been a made for TV movie or maybe it is the notorious CLIFF HANGER. Whatever it is, I assure you that you that YOUR life can be worth living and I will show you how.

Real life is Vital!

Real life is not strategy. Neither is it a mystery. How do I know? I have been at the top of the ladder and on the bottom rung in the cross fire between tragedy, stupidity and in the shadow of death. Learning to live life in the fullest measure has become not only desirable, but vital.

Winging it...

Many notable people live their lives "winging it" just seeing where the moments take them. Not only is this inefficient, it is also an unproductive and potentially unsafe way to live if you desire a life filled with purpose.


Being honest... it's not just about the $!

Research has revealed that some of the very wealthy, often of various faiths, are not living lives they consider worth living. Many people also report that after achieving their "dream life", they still lacked fulfillment. According to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, each dollar makes a big difference for people until they made around $200,000 per year.  It seems that money can buy you happiness but for a little while and it doesn't really make your life worth living.

What makes life worth living?

There are a lot of people who aren't knowledgeable in considering what makes a person's life worth living it. All they know is that their lives seem meaningless. However, when you find out who you are intended to be in life, the impact you are destined to have in the world and that your intentions can and will manifest themselves through every gift, ability, and activity you embark upon, life takes on a new meaning and your life's path becomes the clearest path availed to you.

LifePath PPS is a clear and concise navigational system that sets your heart back to God's factory default settings. It is not just a new way of doing things. It is simply a new way of being that transcends what is going on around you. When you learn to live your life authentically, you won't ever have to pursue purpose. Your purpose will always pursue you!

Pastor P, program architect, and qualified LifePath Navigator promotes the LifePath PPS as the continuous personal, spiritual and professional development model to guide Kingdom Citizens into living their lives in the fullest measure. 

Some paths have...

      Pebbles                                     Pitfalls                                       Puddles       

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LifePath Navigators guide you so you can turn those pebbles into stepping stones.

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Navigators help you identify and use your skills to sidestep pitfalls as they come!

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Have you ever puddle jumped? Choose a LifePath Navigators and they will teach you how.

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